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Your Boutique Series

Solution For Hyperpigmented Skin

Experiencing Dark Spots, Patches, Acne Scars & Pigmented Skin?


Spot Eliminator

Through targeted modulation of melanin activity, Stem Boutique Series helps diminish the appearance of dark spots while maintaining optimal skin hydration.

Improving Pigmentated Skin

Accelerating Skin Renewal

Enhancing the cell turnover rate speeds up the skin’s natural
keratin production, protecting the skin from external stressors.
Shedding old, pigmented cells allows new cells to surface,
resulting in a more even skin tone.

Recommended For

A Better Understanding Of Your Skin

Normal Skin

Balanced lipids and ample hydration for a smooth, resilient barrier.

Pigmentated Skin

Elevated melanin production leads to darkening of the skin, resulting in the appearance of visible spots.

Scientifically Proven To Inhibit Melanin Activity

Hudor contains formulated with glycolic acid, it helps minimise the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars,

The Stem Formula

Consists of Glycolic Acid & Allantoin that enhances:



Moisture level




Reduce Dark Spots


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