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No, there will only be a GST added to the bill, with no additional costs incurred for the entire facial treatment procedure. Your consultant may suggest upgrading the treatment based on your skin condition, but the decision to proceed with any upgrades is completely up to you.

This promotion is limited to 1 redemption per pax and only for new customers. However, you may purchase this promotion as many times as you’d like as a gift for your friends and family.

Yes, certainly. Before the treatment, you will go through a skin analysis with our consultant to evaluate your skin condition and determine if the treatment is suitable for your skin. Our facial is customisable to suit every skin type in this tropical climate.

Definitely! Our facial treatment is suitable for all genders. Our facial is a maintenance facial which helps with the overall glow of the skin. You may, however, choose to upgrade or add on any treatment to your existing facial therapy.